11-02-2022 | News

Bluenergy’s commitment to environmental sustainability is comprehensive and covers every aspect of its business. The promotion of a conscious consumption of resources, in total respect of the environment, is one of the founding values of its work and that is why for some time, has chosen to contribute to the elimination of harmful emissions of gas and light, bringing into the homes of its customers exclusively energy from renewable sources and gas with offset emissions.

The electricity supplied by Bluenergy, in fact, comes from certified renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass plants. To ensure that the electricity supplied is actually produced from renewable sources, the Authority (ARERA) has established that the only valid certification system is the Guarantees of Origin (GO) issued by the Manager of Energy Services (MES).

For this reason, Bluenergy handles the cancellation of the relevant certifications (Guarantees of Origin) granted by the current legislation for the amounts of electricity utilise used. A Certificate with a code identifying the plant from which the renewable energy was obtained corresponds to each act of cancellation.

However, Bluenergy offsets the CO2 produced by gas consumption through the purchase of certified carbon credits, an internationally recognised tool that enables governments and businesses to achieve reduction targets set by the 2030 agenda, thanks to a partnership with Carbonsink, a consulting firm that assists businesses in the Italian market in the management of carbon dioxide emissions.

The “Water is Life, Madagascar” micro-scale project, which Bluenergy choose to support, has made it possible for the people of Toliara (Madagascar) to consume drinking water without having to boil it first.

In fact, drinking water is a particularly valuable and scarce resource in semi-desert areas like those where the people of Toliara live. Lack of access to clean water is a contributing factor in several illnesses, some of which can result in malnutrition and mortality.  The local population is aware of these issues; thus, it uses boiling water with wood or coal as a form of purification, releasing a considerable amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Thanks to the work of Bluenergy’s special initiatives though, local families no longer need to boil water to purify it, which reduces CO2 emissions and improves sanitation conditions for the entire community.

Participating actively in the energy transition also entails coming up with creative ways to eliminate waste and increase the efficiency of household consumption. For this reason, Bluenergy coordinates building energy upgrade projects and sells and installs condensing boilers and energy-efficient air conditioners through the operation of its ESCo companies, Bluenergy Assistance and Rettagliata Tech.

This activity is made possible thanks to the internal know-how and collaborations with various local specialist firms, which enable it to realise turnkey projects and follow all operational phases: from the diagnosis of energy needs to the development of projects, the construction and direct management of thermal plants, the coordination of the workers involved, up to the processing of all administrative aspects, including the management of certifications, compliance visas and certifications required to access the tax incentives provided by “Superbonus 110%”.

This approach has allowed Bluenergy group to prevent the emission of 250,000 tons of CO2 during the past year.

Through the Bludrop brand, Bluenergy provides a full selection of microfiltered water dispensers that are perfect for use in homes, pubs, offices, and companies in order to assist clients in leading fully sustainable lifestyles. These solutions are practical for all purposes, allowing individuals, businesses, and government agencies to use less disposable plastic.

Last but not least, Bluenergy has made the decision to actively promote sustainable mobility. To that end, it has designed the Blu e-Drive offering to include a variety of Wall-Box and charging stations that enable businesses and individuals to create effective charging points in homes, accommodations, and public areas.